10 Creative Ideas for Accessorizing with Rainbow Sandals.

Colorful Anklets

Add a touch of flair by pairing your Rainbow Sandals with vibrant and beaded anklets. Mix and match colors for a playful and bohemian look.

Toe Rings

Accentuate your pedicure by incorporating toe rings with your Rainbow Sandals. Opt for dainty or statement toe rings to enhance your foot jewelry game.

Ankle Bracelets

Complement the straps of your Rainbow Sandals with delicate or chunky ankle bracelets. Choose metallic or beaded options for a stylish twist.

Boho Toe Charms

Attach bohemian-inspired toe charms to the straps of your sandals for a unique and personalized touch. These can range from feathers and shells to tiny charms that jingle as you walk.

Ribbon Laces

Swap out the standard straps with colorful ribbons for a DIY and customizable look. Coordinate the ribbon colors with your outfit or mix and match for a playful effect.

Floral Foot Tattoos

Apply temporary floral tattoos to the tops of your feet, complementing the open design of Rainbow Sandals. This adds a temporary and artistic element to your footwear.

Barefoot Sandal

Explore barefoot sandal chains that delicately drape over your foot, enhancing the bohemian vibe of your Rainbow Sandals while adding a touch of elegance.

Tassel Charms

Attach small tassel charms to the ends of your Rainbow Sandal straps. This simple addition introduces movement and a touch of whimsy to your look.


Sew or glue colorful beads onto the straps of your Rainbow Sandals to create a customized and eye-catching accessory.

Ribbon Wraparound

Wrap colorful ribbons around your ankles and up your calves, creating a playful and visually interesting accessory that complements the simplicity of Rainbow Sandals.