10 Essential Tom Wilkinson Films You Haven't Seen


Embark on a cinematic exploration of lesser-known gems as we unveil ten essential Tom Wilkinson films that may have slipped under the radar.

The Ghost

Discover Wilkinson in this thrilling adventure, offering a captivating performance amidst the menace of man-eating lions.

The Governess

Delve into this period drama, where Wilkinson's nuanced portrayal adds depth to a tale of forbidden love and societal constraints.

Ride with the Devil

Explore Wilkinson's role in this Civil War drama, providing a compelling performance in a film that blends historical realism with personal narratives.

The Conspirator

Witness Wilkinson's excellence in this historical drama, offering a fresh perspective on the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

The Green Hornet

Experience Wilkinson's versatility in this action-comedy, where he brings his talent to a dynamic and entertaining superhero narrative.

Marigold Hotel

Discover Wilkinson's charm in this heartwarming ensemble piece, showcasing his ability to contribute to the emotional core of a film.


Acknowledge Wilkinson's presence in this historical drama, where his performance adds gravitas to a story of race, class, and justice.


Explore Wilkinson's legal prowess in this courtroom drama, providing a riveting performance alongside Rachel Weisz.


Conclude with Wilkinson's impactful role in this true story, offering a powerful portrayal in a film that addresses themes of racism and redemption.