10 Most and Least Stressed States in the U.S.

Most Stressed

New York tops the list with its fast-paced lifestyle, high cost of living, and bustling urban environment contributing to heightened stress levels.

Least Stressed

North Dakota emerges as a haven of calm, with its lower population density, strong sense of community, and abundant natural spaces promoting a stress-free environment.


Despite its sunny reputation, California ranks high in stress due to factors like housing costs, traffic congestion, and work-related pressures.


Vermont's serene landscapes and tight-knit communities make it one of the least stressed states, fostering a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.


The Sunshine State grapples with stressors such as extreme weather events, high crime rates, and crowded urban areas.


Wyoming's vast open spaces and low population contribute to a low-stress lifestyle, offering residents a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere.


Texas faces stress challenges tied to its rapid growth, urbanization, and economic pressures, impacting residents' overall well-being.

South Dakota

With a strong sense of community and proximity to nature, South Dakota ranks among the least stressed states, providing a serene living environment.


Illinois contends with stressors like high crime rates, traffic congestion, and economic uncertainties, affecting the overall stress levels of its residents.


Surprisingly, the paradise of Hawaii is one of the least stressed states, with its beautiful landscapes, strong sense of community.