10 Tips for Supporting President Claudine Gay


Support President Claudine Gay's commitment to diversity by actively promoting and participating in initiatives that foster an inclusive environment.

Academic Excellence

Encourage and contribute to academic excellence at Harvard by supporting programs, research, and teaching initiatives that elevate educational standards.

Visionary Leadership

Align with President Gay's visionary leadership by embracing and championing the strategic goals and aspirations she sets for the university's future.


Stand by President Gay during challenging times, acknowledging and fostering resilience in the face of complexities.


Engage in community empowerment efforts, contributing to collaborative initiatives that strengthen and empower the Harvard community.

Support Financial

Contribute to Harvard's financial health by supporting President Gay's financial stewardship, ensuring the university's ability to pursue ambitious goals.

Impact Initiatives

Participate in global impact initiatives, fostering international collaborations and helping position Harvard as a leader on the world stage.

Centric Approaches

Support a student-centric approach by advocating for initiatives that prioritize student well-being, success, and an enriching educational experience.


Contribute to the legacy of empowerment by fostering an environment that inspires future leaders and upholds President Gay's impactful influence.


Foster open, two-way communication channels to ensure a supportive and collaborative environment for President Claudine Gay's leadership at Harvard.