15 Things You Should Never Do at a School Function

Disruptive Behavior

Refrain from disruptive actions that can disturb the school function, ensuring a conducive environment for everyone.

Ignoring Rules

Respect and follow all guidelines set by the school to promote a safe and orderly atmosphere during the event.

Inappropriate Attire

Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing that may be offensive or violate the school's dress code policy.

Excessive Noise

Keep noise levels in check, preventing disturbances to performances or presentations during the school function.

Negative Comments

Avoid making negative comments or engaging in gossip, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere.


If refreshments are available, consume them responsibly, avoiding overindulgence that could lead to disruptions.

Ignoring Time Limits

Respect time constraints for presentations or performances, arriving and leaving promptly as necessary.

Intrusive Photography

Request permission before taking photos to respect others' privacy and maintain a comfortable environment.


Remain attentive and engaged throughout the function, showing appreciation for the efforts of those involved.

Lack of Appreciation

Express gratitude to organizers, volunteers, and participants, acknowledging their efforts in making the school function a success.