5 Global Hot Chocolate Traditions You Have to Try.


Mexican Champurrado

Step into Mexico's rich tradition with Champurrado, a thick, spiced chocolate atole. Corn masa adds a unique texture, making it a heartwarming experience during festivities.


Italian Cioccolata Calda

Served in cafes or enjoyed at home, it's a luxurious treat often paired with fluffy whipped cream or a dollop of hazelnut spread.


Spanish Chocolate con 

Immerse yourself in the Spanish tradition of Chocolate con Churros. Thick hot chocolate, perfect for dipping churros or pastries, creates a delightful breakfast or late-night treat.


Turkish Salep

Discover Turkey's Salep, a creamy hot drink made from orchid tubers. Infused with spices like cinnamon, it warms both the body and soul during cold winter nights.


Indian Masala Chai

Experience India's fusion delight with Masala Chai Hot Chocolate. The aromatic blend of chai spices, like cardamom and cinnamon.