A Century of Michigan Wolverines Football History

Inaugural Years

Explore the foundation of Michigan Wolverines football, tracing its roots back to 1879 and examining the early challenges and triumphs.

Yost's Era

Dive into the transformative era under Coach Fielding H. Yost, marked by strategic innovations and a dominant "Point-a-Minute" team.

Stadium Inauguration

Witness the birth of the iconic Michigan Stadium in 1927, a groundbreaking development that forever altered the team's home field advantage.

Crisler's Tenure

Examine the impact of Fritz Crisler, the influential coach who introduced the iconic winged helmet and led the team through a period of wartime challenges.

Schembechler's Legacy

Uncover the legendary era of Bo Schembechler, a transformative coach whose legacy extends beyond the football field, defining an era of success.

Desmond Howard Era

Celebrate the Heisman-winning year of Desmond Howard in 1991, a standout season that showcased individual brilliance.


Highlight the Wolverines' national championships in 1901, 1948, and 1997, pivotal moments that solidified their place in college football history.

Rich Rivalries

Explore the intensity of the Wolverines' rivalries, particularly against Ohio State (The Game) and Michigan State, defining annual showdowns.

Modern Achievements

Survey recent successes and challenges, capturing the essence of Michigan Wolverines football in the contemporary era.