A Fan's Guide to LSU Football


Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and traditions of LSU football, from the iconic "Geaux Tigers" chant to the Tiger Walk before games.

Day Experience

Enhance your game day experience at Tiger Stadium by tailgating with fellow fans, indulging in Louisiana cuisine, and absorbing the electric atmosphere.

Iconic Players

Celebrate the legacy of LSU football by familiarizing yourself with iconic players who have left an indelible mark on the team's history.

the Coaching Staff

Stay informed about the coaching staff, understanding their strategies and contributions to the team's success on the field.

SEC Rivalries

Embrace the intensity of SEC rivalries, particularly the historic matchups against teams like Alabama and Florida, adding drama to the season.

Away Games

Consider attending both home and away games to experience the unique atmospheres and traditions of different stadiums while supporting the Tigers.

Follow Social Media

Stay connected with the LSU football community by following official social media accounts, engaging in discussions, and sharing your passion online.


Show your team spirit by donning LSU apparel and collecting team merchandise, proudly displaying your loyalty.


Participate in volunteer and community events associated with LSU football, contributing to the broader Tigers community.