Exploring LSU Tigers Football's Most Loved Players

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow, the Heisman Trophy winner, and national champion quarterback endeared himself to fans with his record-breaking performances and leadership.

Odell Beckham

Known for his electrifying plays, Odell Beckham Jr. left an indelible mark as a wide receiver, captivating fans with his athleticism and highlight-reel catches.

Leonard Fournette

A powerhouse running back, Leonard Fournette's dynamic playing style and record-setting runs solidified his place as one of the most beloved Tigers in recent years.

Patrick Peterson

As a standout cornerback and return specialist, Patrick Peterson's skills on the field earned him admiration, making him a fan favorite.

Tyrann Mathieu

Nicknamed the "Honey Badger," Tyrann Mathieu's playmaking abilities and tenacious defense made him a beloved figure among LSU fans.

Ja'Marr Chase

A star wide receiver, Ja'Marr Chase's incredible skill set and pivotal role in LSU's championship run endeared him to fans during his college career.

Glenn Dorsey

A dominant force on the defensive line, Glenn Dorsey's impact and leadership made him a beloved figure, especially during LSU's national championship season.

Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson's exceptional receiving skills and contribution to LSU's historic offense earned him a special place in fans' hearts.

Ali Highsmith

Known for his standout performances as a linebacker, Ali Highsmith's contributions to LSU's defense during key moments made him a beloved player.