Harvard Leadership Shake-Up: Claudine Gay Steps Down – What's Next?


Explore the recent leadership shake-up at Harvard as Claudine Gay steps down, unraveling the circumstances leading to this significant change.

Claudine Gay's Legacy

Reflect on Claudine Gay's tenure, examining her impact on Harvard and the lasting contributions she made during her leadership.


Delve into the unexpected nature of Claudine Gay's resignation, analyzing the factors that may have prompted her departure from Harvard's top position.

Leadership Transition

Examine the strategies Harvard employs for interim leadership, providing stability during the transitional phase and guiding the institution forward.

Community Reaction

Explore the reactions within the Harvard community, understanding how students, faculty, and alumni respond to this unforeseen leadership change.

Trustees Response

Analyze the response of Harvard's Board of Trustees, evaluating their role in the decision-making process and future plans for university leadership.

New President

Look ahead to the search for a new president, considering the criteria and process Harvard will undertake to select Claudine Gay's successor.


Examine the challenges and opportunities this leadership shake-up presents for Harvard, exploring how the institution may evolve in response to the change.

Higher Education

Extract broader lessons for higher education institutions from Harvard's leadership shake-up, considering the implications for effective governance.