Harvard's Response to Claudine Gay's Resignation

Initial Statement

Explore Harvard University's immediate response to Claudine Gay's resignation, examining the official statement released to address the unexpected departure.

Trustees Reaction

Analyze the reaction of Harvard's Board of Trustees, delving into their perspectives and role in the decision-making process following Gay's resignation.

Community Address

Examine how Harvard addressed the university community, detailing the communication strategies employed to keep students.


Discover how Harvard swiftly appointed interim leadership to navigate the transitional period, providing stability and continuity during the search for a new president.

Leadership Plans

Explore Harvard's plans for selecting a new president, considering the criteria and process the university intends to follow in identifying Claudine Gay's successor.


Assess how Harvard engaged with its alumni network during this transition, acknowledging the importance of maintaining positive relations.


Investigate the strategies employed by Harvard to manage public perception surrounding Claudine Gay's resignation.

Stability Measures

Examine the measures taken by Harvard to ensure institutional stability during the leadership transition, outlining strategies to uphold the university's mission and values.

Higher Education

Reflect on the broader lessons for higher education institutions, considering how Harvard's response to Claudine Gay's resignation offers.