How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color for Your Skin Type

Fair Skin

Opt for light pastels, soft pinks, and classic nudes. These hues enhance the elegance of fair skin without overwhelming.

Light to Medium Skin

Embrace versatility with shades like coral, lavender, and rosy pinks. These colors add warmth and complement the natural undertones.

Medium to Olive Skin

Earthy tones like taupe, olive green, and deep reds enhance the richness of medium to olive skin. Bold jewel tones also work exceptionally well.

Warm Undertones

Choose warm shades like peach, terracotta, or warm browns. These tones harmonize with the yellow undertones, providing a cohesive look.

Cool Undertones

Cool-toned individuals should gravitate towards cool blues, icy pinks, and lavender shades. These colors enhance the cool undertones of the skin.

Deep Skin

Rich jewel tones such as deep burgundy, navy, and emerald green beautifully complement deep skin tones. Metallics and bold colors are also stunning choices.

Neutral Undertones

Neutral tones have the flexibility to pull off a wide range of colors. Experiment with mauves, soft greys, and muted tones for a chic and sophisticated look.

Pink Undertones

Embrace soft pinks, peaches, and light blues. These shades enhance the natural pink undertones, creating a harmonious and polished appearance.

Yellow Undertones

Earthy tones like mustard, warm oranges, and rich browns complement yellow undertones. These shades add warmth and depth to the nails.

Red Undertones

Deep reds, classic burgundies, and wine shades work well with red undertones. These colors enhance the natural warmth for an alluring finish.