Interactive Map: Best Spots to View Times Square Ball Drop

Prime Viewing

Explore the interactive map to identify optimal spots for a front-row view of the Times Square Ball Drop.

Iconic Landmarks

Pinpoint iconic landmarks around Times Square, leveraging them as reference points for selecting your viewing spot.

Elevated Vantage

Discover elevated locations for a bird's-eye view, enhancing your experience with a panoramic perspective.

the Stage

Determine spots close to the main stage for an up-close encounter with live performances and the iconic ball.

Digital Screens

Utilize the map to locate digital screens in Times Square, ensuring you don't miss any of the action, even from a distance.

Accessibility Points

Identify accessible viewing points, taking into consideration ease of access for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Crowd Density

Gauge crowd density through the interactive map, aiding in your decision-making for a more relaxed celebration.

Restroom Facilities

Pinpoint nearby restroom facilities, ensuring convenience during the long wait leading up to midnight.


Locate spots with nearby food vendors and refreshment stands, enhancing your celebration with culinary delights.