Kathy Griffin's Most Outrageous Moments.

Controversial Photoshoot

Kathy Griffin sparked outrage with a photoshoot featuring a decapitated head resembling then-President Donald Trump, leading to severe backlash and impacting her career.

Emmy Acceptance

Griffin's Emmy acceptance speech raised eyebrows as she humorously declared that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award," stating she had to thank "a lot of people" for her win.

Fashion Police

Griffin made headlines by abruptly leaving "Fashion Police" after just seven episodes, citing creative differences with the show's direction and criticizing its focus on personal attacks.

Feud with Ellen

A public feud ensued between Griffin and Ellen DeGeneres after Griffin claimed DeGeneres had a "mean streak," leading to a public exchange of words and strained relations.

Vocal Trump Criticism

Griffin continued to court controversy with outspoken criticism of Donald Trump, using her platform to express strong opinions on political and social issues.

Airport Confrontation

Griffin's airport confrontation with news anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck resulted in a heated argument over political differences, further showcasing Griffin's willingness to engage in contentious discussions.

Strip Search at Airport

Griffin went public with claims of being strip-searched at an airport, shedding light on the invasive security measures faced by public figures.

Perez Hilton Feud

A feud erupted between Griffin and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, with public insults and accusations thrown back and forth, drawing attention to their strained relationship.

Live New Year's Eve

Griffin's live New Year's Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper featured a controversial moment where she uttered an explicit phrase, creating a memorable, albeit polarizing, television moment.

Social Media

Griffin's active presence on social media continues to generate controversies, with outspoken posts on various topics, contributing to her reputation as a provocateur in the public eye.