LSU Tigers Football: Must-See Plays from the 2023 Season

Breaking Touchdowns

Quarterback Joe Burrow delivered must-see plays, breaking records with his precision passes and securing touchdowns in critical moments.

Running Back Runs

The 2023 season featured explosive runs from the running back corps, showcasing agility, speed, and game-changing plays.

Dynamic Wide Receiver

LSU's wide receivers made jaw-dropping catches, displaying remarkable athleticism and contributing to the team's aerial prowess.

Dominant Defensive

The Tigers' defense had standout moments with interceptions that not only halted opponents' drives but also turned the tide of games.

Spectacular Returns

LSU's special teams delivered thrilling returns, weaving through opposing coverage for spectacular plays that ignited the crowd.

Clutch Game

Kickers came through in clutch moments with game-winning field goals, showcasing precision under pressure.

Quarterback Sack

The Tigers' defense demonstrated sack dominance, overwhelming opposing quarterbacks and altering the course of key matchups.

Trick Plays

Innovative trick plays added excitement to the season, with unexpected moves leading to crucial touchdowns.

Goal-Line Defensive

LSU's defense showcased resilience with goal-line stands, denying opponents critical scores and preserving leads.