Miami Dolphins' Best Moments of the 2023 Season: Relive the Fins' Highs

Opening Game

The Miami Dolphins kicked off the 2023 season with a resounding victory, setting a positive tone for the campaign.


A standout player delivered a record-setting performance, leaving an indelible mark on the season and etching their name in Dolphins history.

Rivalry Game

In a highly anticipated matchup against a divisional rival, the Dolphins displayed dominance, securing a crucial win and asserting their position in the AFC East.

Comeback Victory

A thrilling comeback victory showcased the resilience of the Dolphins, as they overcame adversity and demonstrated their ability to perform under pressure.

Defensive Highlight

The defense shone in a game filled with impactful plays, creating turnovers, and making key stops that swung the momentum in favor of the Dolphins.

Explosive Offensive

An explosive offensive display featured dynamic plays, highlighting the team's versatility and ability to score in various ways.

Clinching Playoff

A pivotal moment came when the Dolphins secured a playoff berth, marking a significant achievement and setting the stage for postseason success.

Breakout Performances

Emerging talents had breakout performances, contributing to the team's success and showcasing the bright future ahead for the Miami Dolphins.

Prime-Time Success

The Dolphins excelled in prime-time matchups, garnering national attention and proving their mettle on the big stage.