Philadelphia Eagles: A Guide to the Team's History and Culture

Founding Years

Founded in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles have a storied history in the National Football League (NFL), establishing themselves as a resilient and iconic franchise.

Championship Triumphs

The Eagles boast NFL championships in the 1940s and a historic Super Bowl LII victory in 2018, adding to their legacy.

Legends and Icons

Legends like Chuck Bednarik and Reggie White, iconic figures in Eagles history, symbolize the team's rich cultural heritage.

Lincoln Financial

The construction of Lincoln Financial Field in 2003 marked a new era, providing a state-of-the-art home and a hub for Eagles culture.

Passionate Fanbase

The "Philly Phaithful" fanbase is renowned for its passion, creating a dynamic and electric atmosphere at games.

NFC East Rivalries

Intense rivalries within the NFC East, especially against the Dallas Cowboys, contribute to the cultural fabric of the Eagles' identity.

Community Engagement

The Eagles actively engage in community initiatives, reflecting a commitment beyond football to making a positive impact.

Social Responsibility

Embracing social responsibility, the team sets an example for its peers, emphasizing broader values in the sports community.


Strong leadership and coaching have played pivotal roles, shaping the team's culture and overall ethos.