The Academic Side of LSU Tigers Football

Excellence Commitment

The LSU Tigers Football program is committed to fostering academic excellence, emphasizing the dual importance of sports and education.

Support Programs

Student-athletes receive comprehensive academic support through tailored programs, ensuring they succeed both on the field and in the classroom.


LSU prioritizes the overall well-being of student-athletes, promoting a balanced lifestyle that includes academic success, mental health, and personal development.

Graduation Success

The program consistently achieves a high Graduation Success Rate (GSR), reflecting its dedication to seeing athletes through to graduation.

Advising Services

Academic advising services are provided to guide student-athletes in choosing courses, majors, and career paths aligned with their academic interests.

Study Resources

The availability of tutoring and study resources assists student-athletes in maintaining academic excellence while managing their athletic commitments.

Athlete Recognition

LSU celebrates scholar-athletes, acknowledging those who excel academically while contributing to the success of the football program.

Skills Development

Beyond the classroom, life skills development programs equip student-athletes with valuable tools for success in their post-collegiate careers.

Academic Honors

Players are recognized for academic achievements, receiving honors and awards that showcase their dedication to both sports and academics.