The Best Dogs for Beginners: A Vet's Guide

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Labrador Retriever

Renowned for their friendly nature and easy trainability, Labradors make ideal companions for first-time dog owners.

Golden Retriever

Gentle and affectionate, Golden Retrievers are known for their patience, making them great for families and novice owners.

Cavalier King Charles

With a loving temperament and manageable size, Cavaliers are a popular choice for those new to dog ownership.


Sociable and adaptable, Beagles are easy to train, making them suitable for individuals or families entering the world of pet ownership.

Bichon Frise

Playful and affectionate, Bichon Frises are small in size and generally easygoing, making them a good fit for beginners.


Standard, Miniature, or Toy Poodles are highly intelligent and eager to please, making them well-suited for novice owners willing to engage in training.

Shih Tzu

Known for their friendly demeanor and low-maintenance grooming, Shih Tzus are a great choice for beginners seeking a companionable pet.


Despite their sturdy appearance, Bulldogs have a gentle disposition, making them suitable for first-time owners looking for a laid-back companion.


With their charming personality and minimal grooming needs, Pugs are an excellent choice for beginners seeking a small and loving pet.


Compact and affectionate, Maltese dogs are known for their companionship, making them a delightful option for those new to dog ownership.