The Best of the Best: Ranking the Top N Cowboys

Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach, often hailed as "Captain America," stands atop the list. The Hall of Fame quarterback led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories and displayed unmatched.

Emmitt Smith

NFL's all-time leading rusher, ranks among the best. His remarkable vision, durability, and knack for finding the end zone were instrumental in the Cowboys' 1990s success.

Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman, the quarterback maestro, orchestrated the Cowboys' offense during their dominant 1990s era. His precision passing and three Super Bowl victories solidify his legacy.

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin, known as "The Playmaker," was the heart of the Cowboys' offense. His tenacity, big-play ability, and three Super Bowl rings make him an iconic figure.

Defensive Legend

Bob Lilly, a defensive stalwart, holds a special place in Cowboys history. As the first player inducted into the Hall of Fame, his impact on the franchise's early success is immeasurable.

Dominant Lineman

Larry Allen, a dominant offensive lineman, was a key force in the trenches. His strength and agility contributed to the success of the Cowboys' running game.

Primetime Performer

Deion Sanders, "Primetime," brought flair and excellence to the Cowboys in the 1990s. A shutdown cornerback and dynamic return specialist, his impact was felt on both sides.

Randy White

Randy White, aptly named "The Manster" (half man, half monster), wreaked havoc on opposing offenses. His tenacity and versatility made him a defensive force.

Drew Pearson

Drew Pearson, the original wearer of the iconic 88 jersey, was a clutch receiver in the Cowboys' glory days. His reliability and big-game performances earned him a spot among.