The Boston Celtics: A Guide to Their Biggest Rivals

Historic Rivalry

Explore the intense rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, two iconic NBA franchises with a history of epic matchups.

Coast Showdown

Dive into the rivalry with the New York Knicks, a fierce East Coast battle that has produced memorable moments and heated competition.

Finals Clashes

Discover the rivalry with the Miami Heat, featuring NBA Finals clashes that added new chapters to the Celtics' competitive history.

Divisional Showdown

Uncover the divisional showdown with the Philadelphia 76ers, highlighting the battles for supremacy within the Atlantic Division.

Jordan Era Duels

Relive the intense matchups with the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era, showcasing some of the most iconic moments in NBA history.

Conference Tussles

Explore the historical clashes with the Detroit Pistons, featuring intense Eastern Conference battles and playoff showdowns.

Playoff Rivalry

Delve into the playoff rivalry with the Atlanta Hawks, a series of matchups that have added drama to the postseason.

Divisional Challenges

Examine the divisional challenges against the Orlando Magic, highlighting the competitive landscape within the Southeast Division.

Era Showdowns

Recall the intense showdowns with the Cleveland Cavaliers during the LeBron James era, shaping the narrative of Eastern Conference dominance.