The Boston Celtics: Where to Buy Tickets, Merchandise, and More

Ticket Purchases

Discover the best avenues for purchasing Boston Celtics game tickets, including official team websites, authorized vendors, and popular ticket platforms.

Team Website

Explore the Boston Celtics' official website for direct ticket sales, exclusive packages, and the latest game schedules.

Authorized Vendors

Find trusted authorized vendors for Celtics tickets, ensuring authenticity and access to prime seating options.

Ticket Platforms

Explore popular ticket platforms like Ticketmaster and StubHub for a wide range of Celtics ticket options, including resale options for sold-out games.


Uncover the ultimate Celtics fan experience by purchasing merchandise at TD Garden, the team's home arena.

Online Team Store

Browse the official online team store for a diverse selection of Celtics merchandise, from jerseys to accessories.

Sports Retailers

Support local sports retailers in the Boston area, where you can find authentic Celtics gear and accessories.

Celtics Fan Shops

Visit Celtics fan shops in and around Boston, offering a unique shopping experience for dedicated fans.


Stay informed about exclusive events and promotions that may offer special access to tickets, merchandise, and unique Celtics experiences.