How to Uncover the Secrets of the Best Flower for Your Zodiac Sign

Apple Candle

your fiery confidence fueled by Mars makes you unstoppable. Atlas suggests a red candle with a vibrant scent like apple-cinnamon

Pine Needle

lover of luxury with refined taste, seeks rich, dreamy scents. Atlas suggests mossy, sensual aromas to enhance your indulgent vibe

Strawberry Basil

lively social butterfly, thrives on change. Born under the sign of the twins, your open-minded, dual nature keeps you on the move—always ready to try something new.

Fresh Linen

nurturing water sign, craves self-care. Your home is a cozy escape, and Atlas suggests a candle with a fresh laundry scent

Orange Blossom

regal king of the jungle, deserves opulent indulgence. Atlas recommends a lavish rose and orange blossom candle to make you feel like

Cedar Candle

known for their practicality, find solace in the calming essence of lavender, promoting balance and harmony.

Vanilla Bean Candle

charming social butterfly, embraces change. For an indulgent yet universally pleasing touch, Atlas suggests a subtle floral or vanilla scent in a stylish statement candle.

Patchouli Candle

refined taste and passion, go for a bold, mysterious scent. Atlas recommends rich tobacco and patchouli for an ambient and sexy atmosphere.

Fig Candle

the thrill-seeker, craves a candle reminiscent of your favorite travel destination. Atlas recommends aromatic spice scents like amber, fig

Mahogany Candle

simple and elegant, seeks comfort in earthy scents. Atlas recommends a "leather and mahogany" candle, perfect for your mature and ambitious nature.

Pomegranate Candle

Think coconut, pineapple, and salty air scents that bring out your inner mermaid and allow you to let your mind wander for a bit.

Coconut Candle

Water sign, let the beach vibes flow. Atlas recommends tropical scents—coconut, pineapple, and salty air—to transport you to an island getaway.