Times Square Ball Drop 2024 from the Comfort of Home

Virtual Celebration

Embrace the virtual festivities of the iconic Times Square Ball Drop from the comfort and safety of your home.

Livestream Extravaganza

Join the global audience in a livestream spectacle, bringing the magic of Times Square directly to your screens.

Online Countdown

Engage in online countdown parties, connecting with friends and family virtually as you await the stroke of midnight.


Explore interactive apps and games designed for the occasion, adding a playful element to your at-home celebration.

Personalized Viewing

Create a personalized viewing setup with festive decorations, turning your living room into a private New Year's Eve haven.


Raise a virtual toast with loved ones through video calls, sharing the joy of welcoming 2024 together.

Your Fingertips

Enjoy celebrity performances and entertainment seamlessly accessible on your devices, bringing star-studded moments to your living room.

No Crowds

Revel in the absence of crowds and long lines, relishing the intimate and stress-free nature of your home celebration.

Stay Warm

Escape the winter chill and stay warm and cozy indoors while still being part of the electrifying Times Square atmosphere.