Top 5 Miami Dolphins' Draft Prospects to Bolster the Squad in 2024

Elite Quarterback

the 2024 draft is securing elite quarterback talent to enhance the team's offensive capabilities and provide a promising future under center.

Dynamic Wide

Adding a dynamic wide receiver to the roster will provide a reliable target for the quarterback, offering versatility and playmaking ability to elevate the passing game.

Defensive Powerhouse

such as a standout pass rusher or a skilled cornerback, will bolster the Dolphins' defense, creating disruptive plays and fortifying the secondary.

Versatile Offensive

contributing at multiple positions will strengthen the team's front line, ensuring protection for the quarterback and opening lanes for the running game.

Playmaking Running

Securing a playmaking running back in the draft will inject energy into the Dolphins' ground game, offering a dual-threat option and providing a reliable offensive balance.